Spring meet-up 

Long time no see! Welcome to a spring meet-up of Sweden Alumni Network Japan (SWAN)!

After a long year of no physical events and meet-ups we thought it’s time to arrange for an event where we all could meet, but still stay safe from any Corona risks. In doing so we have been looking for a place with good ventilation and open enough to maintain social distancing, and we think we’ve found just the place: the outdoors! 

For our Spring meet-up we would like to invite you all to a walk around the Imperial Palace followed by an outdoor fika in the Hibiya Park. Around the palace trees from all of Japan’s prefectures have been planted, why it is also said that a lap around the palace is a lap “around Japan”. The course is around 5 km and takes around one hour to finish.

Once we’ve finished our lap around Japan we will have a small outdoor fika at the nearby Hibiya Park - of course while maintaining social distancing. We will arrange for some Swedish drinks and fika, and will also take a look at a finding from the Viking age...

18 April 2021 (Sunday) 
15:00 Meet-up by Statue of Wake no Kiyomaro (Takebashi Station Exit#2)
ca 15:00-16:00 Walk around the Tokyo Imperial Palace
16:00- Outdoor fika in Hibiya Park

Things to bring:
- Comfortable clothes and shoes 





日時:4月18日(日) 15:00
集合場所: 和気清麻呂像 (竹橋駅2番出口)
15:00-16:00 皇居外周路の散策
16:00- 日比谷公園でフィーカ

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